Battle Ram is primarily focused on He-Man toy design, history, packaging art, comics and other media. I contributed to Netflix series The Toys That Made Us, and my work was referenced in How He-Man Mastered the Universe.

The author in 1983:

school-pic (1)

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  1. Hello. I noticed two scans from the 1983 Mattel catalog on Faker’s page. However, I have the 1983 catalog and it does not contain the second scan posted on your website on Faker’s page (the scan with the Heroic Warriors and Evil Warriors gift sets).

    Do you know know where it is from? Was there another version of the 1983 catalog?

    Any information would be much appreciated.


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  2. Battle Ram Blog is a bible. Not only for conceptual documents but also concerning analysis. More over, the graphic style is very qualitative with a great graphical charter. All articles should be convert in a wonderfull book, i think it will be an interesting project…

    So, Adam, many thanks for your work and your passion about Masters of the Universe. Don’t stop to share this with us 😉


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  3. Congrats on a wonderful MOTU blog. Really enjoyed looking at the toys, adverts and catalogue pages. I only have a handful of MOTU figs but compliment my nostalgia pangs with international adverts I’ve collected over the years, including a great set of Danish ads which you can see on my toy ad blog. Look forward to seeing your new posts in the reader. Regards, TVTA.

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