1986 Mattel Toys Dealer Catalog

Here is the 1986 Mattel Toys Dealer Catalog. Intended for retailers, Mattel’s dealer catalogs showcased all the latest and greatest releases, along with existing products within its various current (at the time) toy lines. New releases included:

  • Flying Fists He-Man
  • Terror Claws Skeletor
  • Hurricane Hordak
  • Rokkon
  • Stonedar
  • Rio Blast
  • Snout Spout
  • Extendar
  • King Hiss
  • Rattlor
  • Tung Lashor
  • Dragstor
  • Horde Trooper
  • Multi-Bot
  • Slime Pit
  • Horde Slime
  • Monstroid
  • Mantisaur
  • Laser Bolt
  • Blasterhawk
  • Fright Fighter
  • Stilt Stalkers
  • Megalaser
  • Jet Sled
  • Eternia
  • Masters of the Universe VCR Game (apparently never produced)
  • Snake Mountain Rescue Game
  • Battle For Eternia Game

1986 saw quite an ambitious line-up of vehicles, figures, playsets and games. Not every item was an instant classic (I think the heroic warriors lineup for 1986 was particularly weak), but the scope of the line by this year was impressive.

(Source: Orange Slime)

01 full

skel heman close

02 full

hmclosehh skelclose

03 fullcometsrioblastsnouttp heman

04 full.jpg


05 fullslimepitmonstroid

06 fulllaser boltblasterhawkmantisaurfrightzonea

07 FULLFRIGHTfighter1FRIGHTfighter2FRIGHTfighter3

08 fullstilt stalkersjet sled

09 full10 full11 fullbattlecatspydor

12 fulleternia1eternia2eternia3eternia4

13 fullVCR games14 fullsnakemountaingame1snakemountaingame2battleforeternia

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